Insulated Tote for Staging, Picking and Delivering Chilled or Frozen Groceries

Sprint25 is an efficient, economical, and elevated solution that helps e-grocers and micro-fulfillment centers profitably scale e-grocery pick up and deliver operations. Sprint’s high-performance insulation and ice pack system keeps contents in the safe temp zone for up to 18+ hours.


  • Smaller tote increases pick density with frozen or chilled portion of an order
  • Tall interior fits frozen pizza boxes positioned vertically between ice packs
  • Vertical and horizontal ice pack placement maximizes contact with ice cream
  • Fits gallon jugs of milk and chilled juice standing upright
  • Boasts up to 18+ hours of thermal performance / 12+ hours for ice cream
  • Modular ice pack slots are built for specific placements, making picking easy
  • Dry-ice compatible to keep ice cream and proteins frozen
  • Tote fits with most picking carts
  • Lightweight, durable design: five-year life with daily use
  • Easy cleaning and sanitizing
  • Constructed from expanded polypropylene (EPP)


  • Weight (without lid):1.5lbs (0.68kg)
  • Weight (with lid): 2.1lb (0.95kg)
  • Internal volume: 24.4 liters / 11.07 quarts
  • External dimensions:
    • 15.8 in L x 11.8 in W x 14.2 in H (11.7 in without lid)
    • 40 cm L x 30 cm W x 36.1 cm H (29.7 cm without lid)
  • Internal dimensions:
    • 12.5 L x 9.2 in W x 12.5 in H
    • 31.7 cm L x 23.4 cm W x 31.6 cm H

Download the Product Details Document (PDF)