Liviri Sprint Totes

Save time and money with passive cooling totes from Liviri.

Liviri Sprint totes are the hardworking carrying solutions behind efficient, cost-effective passive cooling systems for your e-grocery operations. These reusable totes bring together high-performance insulation and customizable coolant placement for covering a full range of ambient-, chilled- and frozen-food pack-outs, all while reducing the need for active chilled storage space and refrigerated delivery trucks.


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Liviri sprint totes

Thermal performance

Liviri storage lab
  • 12+ hours of exacting temperature retention
  • Customizable cold chain temperature control


Liviri sprint totes
  • Lightweight, durable Expanded Polypropylene (EPP; food grade)
  • 100% recyclable (by mass)

Easy to clean

  • Chemical resistant
  • Commercial washer safe

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