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Take advantage of grocery fulfillment totes customized to sync with your staging, space-saving and automation needs. With Liviri every step of the process is carefully considered to deliver whole package solutions for precision temperature control, intuitive integration and improved energy efficiency.

  • 12+ hours of thermal performance
  • Eliminate tote qualifications with totes designed to fit your automation needs
  • Custom solutions available for your specific automation needs
  • Save space in MFCs, stores, trucks and on return legs
  • Easy to handle coolant options for frozen foods (PCM ice packs nix dry ice needs)
  • Reduce reliance on staging refrigerators and refrigerated trucks

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Bell and Howell + Liviri: Empowering the future of e-grocery pickup

Driven by the demands of a global pandemic and repeatedly validated by the fact that plugging a grocery list into a laptop is a safe, convenient way to shop, the e-grocery segment continues to thrive. It’s also where Liviri and Bell and Howell are coming together to enhance cold-chain capabilities and improve the overall process.

Dairy MAX Teams Up with Liviri to Ease Feeding Challenges in Schools

GRAND PRAIRIE, Texas––April 27, 2021––Nonprofit regional dairy council Dairy MAX partnered with Liviri, an Otter Products brand based in Fort Collins, Colorado, to donate more than 700 insulated coolers to public schools in Colorado, Wyoming and Texas. Within Dairy MAX’s eight-state region an estimated 7.4 million children rely on school meals, with 80 percent depending […]

Keep those school meals coming with insulated food containers from Liviri Sprint

Unlike a virtual lesson plan, you can’t serve a turkey sandwich or a glass of cold milk through a screen or monitor. And in order to keep kids healthy, there’s really no way around the physical act of getting nutritious foods into their hungry mouths.

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