Sustainable Delivery by Liviri

Driven by click-to-order convenience and store-to-door demand, ecommerce is accelerating at a quick clip. So, when we set out to develop Liviri, our line of reusable, thermally performant shipping containers, we prioritized the needs of an industry with expansive potential, but also one with growing environmental concerns.

Starting with a more efficient, closed-loop service model, Liviri carefully weighs impacts on the planet, and it prioritizes consumer experience with its waste-nixing design and easy return-shipping process.

By deploying leading-edge insulation technology, by tackling food waste issues and by enabling container reuse, we believe that we can do even more. The journey is just starting. But as we lean in and learn, we expect fresh opportunities for businesses to engage with consumers who feel good about the great products they’re getting and the reusable, reimagined box that’s bringing them home.

We invite you to check out our Life Cycle Assessment to see how Liviri strives to put sustainability in motion.

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