Liviri Fulfillment Carts

Push the possibilities

Made for efficient end-to-end passive cooling systems, Liviri fulfillment carts are designed to help limit the number of times you need to pick up a full tote. With one seamless process, you can now shop, stage and dispatch in less time — and with less work. Carts also support standard ambient totes.


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Liviri Carts


Liviri Carts assembly
  • Connectable, easy-to-link carts 
  • Securely connect or disconnect carts with one simple mechanism  
  • Removable handle allows shoppers to either push or pull cart, depending on front- or back-end placement 
  • Plus, seamlessly transition to a new shop/cart after one is complete by simply transferring the handle

Limited Contact Points

Liviri Carts
  • Placing: place a lid on tote without having to remove tote from the cart
  • Angling: angle totes for optimal packing efficiency 

Ready to Roll

Liviri Carts
  • Right-size cart to size and number of orders. Connect multiple carts together for multiple orders or take one for smaller orders 
  • Pick frozen, ambient and chilled together, and sort carts without having to lift totes 
  • Picking sessions can be sorted into orders, without having to lift totes off cart  
  • Reduce the amount of full totes you need to lift