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Can a Box Make a Difference?

Liviri started with a familiar blueprint: four sides, a bottom and a top. But we took those standard elements and reconfigured them for better business, for better thermal protection and for a better sustainability solution. Why? Because for all of us, the box is more than a one-and-done conclusion. Instead, it’s a vessel for forward propulsion — and a reason for thinking, seeing and doing differently.

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Product Lineup

Liviri Fresh

Liviri Fresh is a reusable cold-shipping box that keeps temperature sensitive e-perishables chilled during ground shipping from your distribution facility to your customer’s front door.

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Liviri Vino

Liviri Vino is a premium wine shipping cooler designed for safe, cost-effective ground shipping. It’s temperature-tailored internals keep fine vintages from cooking or freezing through four seasons.

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Liviri Shuttle

Liviri Shuttle works with national grocers, specialty food companies, and leading produce shippers to provide lightweight, hardworking insulated totes for staging pickup orders and delivering store-to-door.

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Sustainability Squared

45% Pileup

Despite our best efforts at recycling, food and packaging/containers still amount to almost half the materials landfilled in the US, according to the EPA.

>80% Cold Retention

Liviri outboxes best-in-class insulated corrugate containers by an iceberg-size margin in aggressively hot conditions.

15 Reuse Cycles

Leveraging the benefits of a circular business model, Liviri Fresh squashes the corrugated alternative in environmental gains after only 15 reuse cycles.

1% Sip

Making corrugate is thirsty, water-intensive work. Liviri takes a measured sip, consuming less than 1 percent of what cardboard guzzles during manufacturing.

Why Liviri?


Reusable shipping containers eliminate corrugate and single-use packaging waste. And when they arrive at the door, Liviri’s simple return process means one less box to squash and drag curbside.


Liviri’s insulated shipping containers stem from 20+ years of injection molding expertise for rugged protection, leading thermal performance and the kind of quality presentation that cardboard can’t match.


Liviri’s closed-loop service model increases economic opportunity and reduces environmental impacts. Logistical and co-marketing support from our team of beyond-the-box thinkers comes standard.

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Passive vs. Active Cooling: Insulated Box Cooling for Perishable Foods

Maximize Perishable Food Delivery with Passive Cooling Packing is crucial to the successful delivery of perishable foods. And the type of cooling mechanism you choose for staging and delivery plays a key role in keeping goods fresh.

Wine Packaging Case Study

Liviri Vino & Eagle Rock Fulfillment For the more than 1,600 registered wineries occupying prime soil in California’s Napa Valley, fall marks the start of the big show.

Sustainability In Motion

How reusable cold shipping boxes help the planet breathe easier Spawned by industrious British fishermen in the late 1790s using natural ice to preserve catches at sea so people could enjoy fresh meals at home, today’s cold chain is the continuation of similar goals, only on a much larger and more complex scale.

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