The Whole Package

Liviri is the leading innovator of sustainable packaging solutions for thermal performance, operational efficiency and cost-effective scalability.

Product Lineup

Liviri Vino

Transformative insulated packaging for premium DtC wine shipping.


Sprint45 delivery tote

Liviri Sprint

Temperature-performant reusable totes for eGrocery.


Liviri Fresh Box with clip closure lid

Liviri Fresh

Reusable insulated-shipping boxes for temperature sensitive perishables.


Use Cases

Temperature-controlled wine shipping

The premium wine shipping world is prone to disruptive weather holds and unwanted cardboard and styrofoam packaging waste. Liviri is purpose-built to alter the landscape with temperature-protective, sustainable solutions that nix reliance on expensive air shipping during the hottest and coldest months.

  • 5+ days of thermal protection ensures wine arrives at cellar temperature
  • Level-load operations by shipping wine year-round
  • Increase sales and customer satisfaction by shipping safely in summer and winter
  • Achieve sustainability goals by reducing air shipping and eliminating packaging waste

Wine Transit Solutions

Reusable totes for E-Grocery pickup order staging

When it comes to E-Grocery, every tote is not created equal. Liviri streamlines staging and pickup operations by allowing you to store ambient, chilled and frozen foods together, giving you the flexibility to reduce reliance on refrigeration and shorten customer wait times.

  • 12+ hours of thermal performance
  • Increase capacity and ability to handle more orders per time slot
  • Stacks with common ambient totes to pre-stage customer orders
  • Reduce wait time and increase customer satisfaction

E-Grocery Solutions

Last-mile residential delivery

Product quality during last-mile delivery is top priority. At Liviri we go the extra mile to engineer a risk-free experience into every container, giving you the thermal flexibility to transport unrefrigerated, to deliver unattended and to optimize efficiencies at every turn.

  • 12+ hours of thermal performance eliminates the need for refrigerated trucks
  • Navigate longer routes with increased radius deliveries
  • Make way for unattended delivery
  • Optimize van space with fewer partially filled totes and efficient return-leg storage

Last-Mile Solutions

Microfulfillment Centers (MFCs)

Meeting exacting standards is the key to high-functioning fulfillment centers. At Liviri, we don’t cut corners when it comes to innovating space-saving insulated totes that fit your MFC operation specs to a tee.

  • 12+ hours of thermal performance
  • Eliminate tote qualifications with totes designed to fit your automation needs
  • Custom solutions available for your specific automation needs
  • Save space in MFCs, stores, trucks and on return legs

MFC Solutions

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