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Why Liviri?

We believe that people form lasting relationships with brands that bring real purpose to products that make a real difference — whether it’s in their busy day-to-day lives, or whether it’s on a planet that plays host to that hustle. That’s where Liviri makes strides. And that’s where we win together.


Food and packaging / containers add up to almost half the materials landfilled in the US. Liviri’s reusable containers help us kick wasteful corrugate- and single-use packaging ways.


Liviri’s exceedingly protective, VIP-insulated shipping containers stem from 20+ years of injection molding expertise for trusted quality and performance you can count on.


Liviri’s closed-loop service model prioritizes you, bringing efficiency enhancing solutions to expanding businesses. Co-marketing support from our team of experts comes standard.

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America’s Cardboard Conundrum

As wide-eyed kids we built forts out them and imagined ourselves fending off fire-belching dragons or pouring tea for thirsty princesses. Today the cardboard box that stirred our youthful imaginations has become a decidedly less entertaining reality for those of us consumed by the nation’s emergent recycling dilemma.

Liviri Life Cycle Assessment

Liviri engaged a leading environmental consultancy, thinkstep Inc., to perform the industry-standard study of environmental impact, called a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA). The LCA for Liviri Fresh compares the environmental impact of Liviri’s reusable product against the industry standard meal-kit delivery system that uses corrugate combined with recycled cotton insulation. The report was independently reviewed […]

Solving Consumer Retention

It’s no secret, meal-kit purchasers love to eat fresh, delicious food. But maintaining long-term relationships with those subscribers has proven to be challenging for enterprising providers. Renewal notices often go ignored, and churn rates are off the charts.

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