Minimizing Waste and Maximizing ROI With Reusables in Motion

Together with Liviri, transitioning to reusables is not only good for the environment but it’s great for your bottom line.

Cost-Effective Transport Options

Shipping and delivering e-perishables can be an expensive journey. Our temperature performant innovations help pave the way for more cost-effective transport options.

Liviri Sprint

  • Reduce reliance on expensive refrigerated trucks for hub and spoke distribution and home deliveries
  • Refrigerated truck rentals cost upwards of 300% more than standard ambient trucks
  • Refrigerated trucks can cost up to an additional $150 a week in fuel to run the refrigeration unit
  • The average temperature-controlled trailer used for refrigerated transport has a capital purchase price approximately $50,000 more than a regular dry van used to transport non temperature-controlled goods. Additionally, the refrigeration unit that keeps the trailer cool requires fuel to operate, adding about 2% more in fuel costs per mile.

Economize Via Longer Routes and More Efficient Operations

Liviri Sprint

  • Thermal performance allows for longer delivery routes, fewer trucks in transit and unattended deliveries at the doorstep
  • Thoughtful features ease delivery operations and increase capacity. Thermal divider allows for combining chilled and frozen in the same tote to reduce totes per order
  • Nestable units allow for efficient storage of totes during return legs

Deliver What Your Customers Want When They Want It

Liviri Sprint

  • Stage chilled, frozen and ambient food together to reduce wait time for pick-up orders
  • Increase pick-up order capacity and offer more time slots during prime times by leveraging flexible staging

Improve Warehouse Operations and Decrease Single-use Packaging Waste

Liviri Sprint

  • Picking cart compliant to minimize food transfer efforts
  • Reduce need for dedicated floor space and for staging refrigerators and freezers
  • Eliminate MFC tote qualifications for automation with custom totes designed to fit your needs
  • Nesting totes save space in MFCs, stores, trucks and on return legs
  • Easy to handle coolant options for frozen foods (PCM ice packs eliminate dry ice needs and wasteful single-use ice packs)

Put ROI on Repeat with Reusable Ice

  • Sustainable and economical reusable ice packs pay for themselves in 2 months and are then essentially free to use
  • Eliminate the need for expensive dry ice with 5° F/-15° C reusable ice packs — perfect for managing ice cream and frozen foods

Calculate your ROI

We’ve created handy Excel sheets to help you calculate your ROI when using Liviri vs standard ice shipping methods.

ROI vs Dry Ice (XLSX)

ROI vs Single Use Ice (XLSX)