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Liviri Fresh is a reusable cold-shipping box that keeps temperature sensitive e-perishables chilled and pristine while they’re en route to the doorstep. It paves the way with a streamlined, circular service model that puts less strain on the planet than cardboard / single-use packaging alternatives. And it prioritizes a crave-worthy consumer experience with its waste-reducing convenience and headache-free return shipping process.


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Building a better container for a brighter tomorrow starts with a smarter design. So, when we set out to create Liviri Fresh, we turned our brains toward bridging the worlds of sustainability and functionality for an ultra-savvy solution.

The result is a determined cold-shipping box with purposeful features inside and out. Easy open quick clips simplify access and keep items safely stored while in transit. Powerful, reusable ice packs stay colder longer and, with the ability to create independent climates within the container, you can now divide and conquer dry ice.

Additionally, between deliveries and at rest, Liviri’s nestable design makes for clutter-free storage, helping optimize your warehouse operations while minimizing waste.

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Case Study: Beverage Delivery Provider

Company Profile: Leading US provider of great tasting, affordable cold-pressed juice for healthy, happy living. Subscription-based service model.

Case Study: Meal-Kit Provider

Company Profile: Globally recognized meal-kit provider that ships to consumers across the US. Specializes in shipping hassle-free, health-conscious meals directly to your front door. Subscription-based service model.

Solving Consumer Retention

It’s no secret, meal-kit purchasers love to eat fresh, delicious food. But maintaining long-term relationships with those subscribers has proven to be challenging for enterprising providers. Renewal notices often go ignored, and churn rates are off the charts.

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