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Thermal stability and logistical agility for the last mile

The last mile may be a short store-to-door jaunt, but it’s a matter of many steps. Liviri is designed to make leaps. Our reusable, insulated containers reduce reliance on energy hungry refrigerated trucks, cut single-use packaging waste and enable unattended deliveries for seamless logistics across all points of the journey.

  • 12+ hours of thermal performance eliminates the need for refrigerated trucks
  • Navigate longer routes with increased radius deliveries
  • Make way for unattended delivery
  • Optimize van space with fewer partially filled totes and efficient return-leg storage
  • Ensure product quality with 6-12 hours of thermal performance
  • Locations for asset tracking, plus tamper evident features
  • Sanitization safe

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Dairy MAX Teams Up with Liviri to Ease Feeding Challenges in Schools

GRAND PRAIRIE, Texas––April 27, 2021––Nonprofit regional dairy council Dairy MAX partnered with Liviri, an Otter Products brand based in Fort Collins, Colorado, to donate more than 700 insulated coolers to public schools in Colorado, Wyoming and Texas. Within Dairy MAX’s eight-state region an estimated 7.4 million children rely on school meals, with 80 percent depending […]

Keep those school meals coming with insulated food containers from Liviri Sprint

Unlike a virtual lesson plan, you can’t serve a turkey sandwich or a glass of cold milk through a screen or monitor. And in order to keep kids healthy, there’s really no way around the physical act of getting nutritious foods into their hungry mouths.

Passive vs. Active Cooling: Insulated Box Cooling for Perishable Foods

Maximize Perishable Food Delivery with Passive Cooling Packing is crucial to the successful delivery of perishable foods. And the type of cooling mechanism you choose for staging and delivery plays a key role in keeping goods fresh.

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