Groceryshop 2019 x Liviri

Transport and transcend with rugged, reusable containers engineered for efficiently moving temperature sensitive e-perishables, groceries, meal kits and more.

Explore Liviri’s lineup of smart shipping solutions at Groceryshop 2019 — booth #313

Product Lineup

Liviri Fresh

Liviri Fresh is a reusable cold-shipping box that keeps temperature sensitive e-perishables chilled during ground shipping from your distribution facility to your customer’s front door.

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Liviri Vino

Liviri Vino is a premium wine shipping cooler designed for safe, cost-effective ground shipping. It’s temperature-tailored internals keep fine vintages from cooking or freezing through four seasons.

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Liviri Shuttle

Liviri Shuttle works with national grocers, specialty food companies, and leading produce shippers to provide lightweight, hardworking insulated totes for staging pickup orders and delivering store-to-door.

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