Liviri Adds Three-Bottle Wine Shipping Box to Vino Series for DTC Delivery

FORT COLLINS, Colo., (June 14, 2022) – Shipping premium wine in ever-changing seasons requires a durable and thermal shipping box to ensure cellar-grade temperatures upon arrival. Liviri today announced Liviri Vino3 wine shipping boxes as the newest addition to its family of protective, reusable, insulated boxes that enable year-round wine shipments and eliminate single-use packaging.  

Liviri Vino3 wine shipping boxes were purpose-built for a new era of excellence in direct-to-consumer wine shipping, designed to safeguard premium bottles from extreme temperatures and prevent breakage while in transit. Reusable Liviri Vino3 wine shipping boxes bring together powerful insulation, sustainable circular logistics and user-friendly functionality for a superior door-to-door shipping experience. Precision padding keeps bottles secure and separated while reusable coolant inserts and industry-leading insulation create a safe, temperature-stable environment inside the box. Clips with tamper-evident features provide added security during transportation, and easy access for consumers upon arrival. 

Premium insulated panels along with reusable ice packs help ensure four days of thermal protection, almost tripling the performance of status quo cardboard and single-use foam packaging. Liviri Vino3 wine shipping boxes can be reused for up to two years of small-parcel network shipping. The box, inserts and ice packs eliminate waste and are recyclable at the end of life.  

Liviri Vino3 wine shipping boxes offer an optional insert that can accommodate two magnum bottles. The inserts protect and accommodate Bordeaux, Riesling, Burgundy and sparkling-style bottles. Additionally, Liviri Vino3 wine shipping boxes are compatible with other temperature-sensitive alcohol shipments, including craft beer bombers. Liviri Vino shipping boxes are also available in four- and six-bottle configurations. 

 “Liviri Vino3 wine shipping boxes offer fullfillment houses and wineries a way to deliver magnums and smaller shipments of wine, with the same durability and thermal performance they have come to love in our Vino4 and Vino6 boxes,” said Chuck Kukic, general manager for Liviri. “There has been high demand for these configurations, and Vino3 rounds out our portfolio for year-round premium wine shipment.” 

Liviri worked with the FedEx Packaging Lab to help ensure the design exceeded durability and drop test standards. To simplify shipping and returns, FedEx offers a flat rate for return shipping of Liviri Vino boxes via FedEx Ground. FedEx also offers solutions that provide visibility into all inbound and outbound shipments, enhancing asset management of customer inventory.

About Liviri: 

Liviri is the leading innovator of sustainable packaging solutions for thermal performance, operational efficiency, and cost-effective scalability. We offer the whole package through our family of reusable, thermally protective containers that provide durable, sustainable, and reliable transport solutions for everything from staging chilled groceries for pickup, to sending fine wine in any season, to temperature-critical biologics.