Liviri Tackles Critical Healthcare Shipments with Innovative Thermal Containers

FORT COLLINS, Colo. – Shipping temperature-sensitive healthcare products and specimens demands durability and reliability from a shipping vessel. To address the growing need for a dependable and sustainable shipping container for biologics, Liviri created its newest innovation in cold-chain shippers: Bio.  

 Liviri Bio is set to revolutionize how the life sciences industry transports everything from specimens to pharmaceuticals. These durable, reusable shipping containers feature a thin-wall, vacuum insulated design that minimizes overall footprint to maximize savings, reliability and thermal performance. Liviri Bio provides 24- to 100-hours of temperature assurance and significant cost savings over the life of the product compared to industry standard single and multi-use shippers.  

“When it comes to shipping critical, potentially lifesaving specimens and life science products, there is very little room for error or chance,” said Liviri General Manager Chuck Kukic. “Leveraging our expertise in cold-chain shipping, Liviri engineers have created an innovative vessel to ensure these precious payloads arrive safely and within prescribed temperature ranges.” 

Liviri Bio is available in two compact sizes. Liviri Bio 2.3 has an internal dimension of 2.3 liters and provides more than double the thermal performance of single-use expanded polystyrene (EPS) shippers. It can accommodate up to eight 20-well trays or four 50-well trays. Liviri Bio 4.7, internal dimensions of 4.7 liters, outperforms single-use EPS shippers. These reusable shipping containers are rated for up to 100 shipments, saving money and reducing waste.  

Each Liviri Bio vessel comes equipped with a protective shipping jacket and can be customized with a variety of vial tray and ice pack configurations. All Liviri Bio vessels and accessories are available now. Visit to get more information and connect with our team of experts. 

About Liviri: 

Liviri is the leading innovator of sustainable packaging solutions for thermal performance, operational efficiency and cost-effective scalability. We offer the whole package through our family of reusable, thermally protective containers that provide durable, sustainable and reliable transport solutions for everything from staging chilled groceries for pickup to sending fine wine in any season to temperature-critical biologics.