Liviri Announces New Partner 00 Wines for Sustainable Wine Shipping Solutions

00Wine PressRelease with Liviri Vino6 product

FORT COLLINS, Colo. – Every bottle of fine wine starts with a vineyard filled with extraordinary grapes. It communicates that special place and deserves to arrive at its destination in exceptional condition. 00 Wines and Liviri announce a partnership dedicated to achieving a more sustainable future. This partnership was forged to reduce environmental impact by replacing use of traditional insulated corrugated cardboard wine shipping boxes with the reusable Liviri Vino6.

“We are proud to work with 00 Wines to help ensure every bottle of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir arrive from the winery to your doorstep in a temperature-controlled container that preserves each bottle as if it never left the winery in the first place,” said Liviri General Manager Chuck Kukic. “It’s appropriate that we are announcing this partnership as Earth Day approaches. It is a special day for Liviri, as we launched Vino just over one year ago and will continue to make a ripple in the shipping industry to drive the circular mindset for a more sustainable future.”

Liviri Vino is a premium, reusable and protective shipping solution for fine wine and alcohol in four- and six-bottle configurations. Precision padding keeps bottles secure and separated while reusable coolant inserts and industry-leading insulation provide a safe, temperature-stable environment inside the box to reduce weather shipment holds. A critically reviewed lifecycle assessment has determined that Vino is environmentally preferable to the leading single-use wine shipping solution.1 For 00 Wines, an eye on sustainability is vitally important.

Proprietor Kathryn Hermann explains 00 Wines’ excitement to go green with this exciting new initiative. “As a sustainable alternative to conventional cardboard shipping to boxes, tape, and other products long used for shipping wine, we are trusting Liviri to safely protect our luxury wines as they depart from Oregon to ship all around the world.”

From producing their first Oregon vintage in 2013 as a pioneering project with five barrels of pinot noir in their backyard, 00 Wines has become a global luxury brand with wine projects in the Willamette Valley, Burgundy, and Champagne. With the brands reputation growing quickly, the need for sustainable shipping has become a top priority for the winery.

Liviri Vino is one of a growing number of sustainable transport solutions including Liviri Fresh and Liviri Sprint. Liviri Fresh is a durable, insulated, reusable shipping container sized perfectly for meal kits and perishables like meat, seafood, produce, juices and more. Liviri Sprint is designed for in-store “click and collect” pickup and to handle the rigors of last-mile home delivery. Learn more at

About Liviri:

Liviri is here to do what cardboard can’t. Our family of reusable, thermally protective containers provide durable, sustainable and reliable transport solutions for everything from shipping frozen meats store-to-door to staging chilled groceries for pickup to sending fine wine in any season. Our square box with a circular mindset carries scalable, cost-effective results across the cold chain.

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About 00 Wines:

00 Wines “Double Zero” is an ultra-luxury winery producing Grand Cru Chardonnay and Pinot Noir in Oregon, Burgundy, and Champagne. With a singular focus on complex grand cru wines, the multi-national winery is creating an entirely new luxury category in Oregon and beyond. Blending New World with Old World, French and American teams, sun cycles and moon cycles, the hand and the land, the producer and the consumer, 00 Wines brings a perfect harmony of binary forces to create an unparalleled expression from vine to glass. Helmed by Proprietors Chris and Kathryn Hermann, 00 Wines is a family-operated winery named after the number of potential in numerology 0. For more information, visit

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