Liviri Wins Reusable Packaging Association Award with Alejandro Bulgheroni Wines

Behind every bottle of wine is countless hours of growing, picking, processing and testing, which is why there is no room for error when shipping the end result. Liviri in partnership with Alejandro Bulgheroni Wines received the 2020 Excellence in Reusable Packaging Award for cost savings and environmental impact reductions resulting from the replacement of traditional insulated corrugated cardboard shipping boxes with the reusable Liviri Vino6.

“Liviri Vino is reusable, which makes it not only functional, but also sustainable. Our goals are to limit the seasonality of the wine shipping industry, greatly reduce single-use packaging and produce environmentally preferable reusable, shipping solutions that can be recycled at end of life,” said Brian Jacoby, Sr. Vice President Liviri Sales, “Demand is high during the most challenging shipping months, but due to the risk of frozen or ‘cooked’ wine, shipments are extremely limited and must be sent via air express. Liviri Vino opens up these months to regular shipping practices for our customers, like Alejandro Bulgheroni Wines.”

The RPA Excellence in Reusable Packaging award recognizes companies and organizations that have developed and implemented innovative and measurable reusable packaging solutions in a business-to-business supply chain. According to RPA, the selection of Liviri and Bulgheroni for the award was near unanimous among the judges. Past winners of the award include The Kroger Company and Polymer Logistics (2019), Anheuser-Busch InBev and DS Smith (2018), Goodwill Industries, STIHL, and ORBIS Corporation (2017) and more. 

“Bulgheroni Wine’s use of the Liviri Vino6 wine cooler received high marks across the judging panel for bringing reusable packaging innovation to an emerging direct-to-consumer marketplace,” said Tim Debus, RPA president. “The breakthrough reuse application is not only with value-added product design to solve challenges such as maintaining quality temperature specifications, but also in the reuse platform offering consumers convenient returns for zero-waste packaging.  In addition, Liviri’s robust life-cycle analysis provided the judges with quantified results of environmental impact, which is one of the primary criteria for the award.”

RPA’s panel of judges cited three main differentiators with Liviri Vino6: (1) innovative reuse solution for an emerging direct-to-consumer market; (2) demonstration of product design to overcome commercial scale obstacles such as temperature control, product protection, and weather holds; and (3) strength of “high-impact measurements” of environmental data through the life-cycle analysis.

“Upon receiving our wines in the Liviri Vino6, our clients are delighted to find we took the same care and concern we employ in our production to our packaging and shipments,” said Michael Ploetz, Estate Director for Alejandro Bulgheroni Napa Valley. “The container conveys our dedication to ensuring the highest quality experience possible using today’s latest technology while maintaining our goals towards sustainability.”

Liviri Vino6 is one of a growing number of sustainable transport solutions including Liviri Fresh and Liviri Sprint. Liviri Fresh is a durable, insulated, reusable shipping container sized perfectly for meal kits and perishables like meat, seafood, produce, juices and more. Liviri Sprint is designed for in-store “click and collect” pickup and to handle the rigors of last-mile home delivery.

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Liviri is here to do what cardboard can’t. Our family of reusable, thermally protective containers provide durable, sustainable and reliable transport solutions for everything from shipping frozen meats store-to-door to staging chilled groceries for pickup to sending fine wine in any season. Our square box with a circular mindset carries scalable, cost-effective results across the cold chain.

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