Case Study: Meal-Kit Provider

Company Profile:

Globally recognized meal-kit provider that ships to consumers across the US. Specializes in shipping hassle-free, health-conscious meals directly to your front door. Subscription-based service model.

Pilot Parameters:

Month-long test conducted at company’s California distribution center (summer 2018).

Trial Objectives:

Introduce Liviri Fresh to real-world conditions in order to:

  • Examine thermal performance in hot climates
  • Validate improved experience for meal-kit subscribers
  • Evaluate consumer connection to Liviri Fresh reusable packaging and eco-friendly shipping process

Consumer Findings:

  • 79% said with Liviri Fresh they’d commit to an average of six additional deliveries, 35% said they’d commit to 9+ more
  • 76% said Liviri Fresh was more convenient and less wasteful than company’s standard corrugate packaging

Key Learnings:

  • Fewer operators needed to pack out with Liviri Fresh product (simplified, as no need to insert liners)
  • Positive customer feedback from having less waste and a reusable box

Very simple process. I’d happily do this over the cardboard box.”— Meal-Kit Customer