The Whole Package,
at Your Service

From maximizing product performance to accelerating workflow and boosting ROI, Liviri provides full-circle support when implementing its whole-package solutions.

Consultative, not standard.

We Are:

  • Personalized and dedicated account management
  • Use case-specific pilot programs to optimize product, packout and operations
  • Cross-functional support to ensure you save money and achieve desired results
  • Comarketing support and resources
  • Access to environmental LCAs and informative product case studies and white papers

We Are Not:

  • General website and unspecialized customer service
  • Catalog of off-the-shelf products
  • No opportunity to sample or pilot
  • Limited assistance in converting operations to reusable model

Custom Solutions

Although Liviri containers are engineered for compatibility with most picking carts and standard ambient totes, we recognize that unique automation and infrastructure use cases can require tailormade solutions. When it comes to customization, Otter Products R&D and design-thinking processes are at your service. Our experts have developed distinct answers for leading MFCs and preeminent grocers across the nation.

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Customized Services

Does your automation infrastructure or picking cart fleet require shorter totes? Would a specific box height help maximize cube utilization in trucks or on pallets? Do you need assistance with asset tracking or sanitization? Is custom branding and logo placement a priority? Liviri has answers.

We work with companies to enable the wrap-around services that make reusable packaging solutions easy to operationalize. Resources include: thermal testing, coolant consulting, asset tracking, sanitization and asset pooling and inventory management. Additionally, our engineering, product and supply chain experts partner with you make sure that our products meet your specs and exceed expectations.

Design Thinking

Liviri product and R&D teams use a nonlinear design thinking approach that starts with listening, in order to gain a holistic understanding of your wants, needs and specific challenges. In synergistic form, we then work with you to ideate and iterate innovative solutions to prototype, test and implement.

This kind of beyond-the-box approach is central to Liviri’s partnership with Bell and Howell, one of the largest, most sophisticated service organizations in the e-commerce space. The company’s automated QuickCollect™ Solutions, self-service store-in-a-box lockers, cater to grocery-specific needs, with configurations that address frozen and refrigerated temperature control requirements. With custom thermal totes from Liviri that sync with their vision, Bell and Howell is now increasing operational efficiencies, providing significant cost-savings to its customers and elevating consumer convenience by reducing wait-times at pickup locations.

Liviri 3-Step Deployment Model

Liviri business development, product and engineering teams partner with you every step of the way to ensure your operations, financial and customer satisfaction goals are met.

Phase 1


Determine business needs, use cases and product requirements:

  • Understand your thermal performance needs
  • Understand existing workflow, pack out, and operations including reverse logistics
  • Discuss scale, timelines and goals
  • Review potential container and coolant solution

Phase 2


Liviri provides best practices and works with your team to test and validate:

  • Packout
  • Cold chain (coolant amount and freeze time)
  • Sanitization
  • Thermal performance
  • Logistics (forward & reverse)

Phase 3


  • Pack, coolant management and thermal performance training
  • Customer engagement surveys
  • Collaborative marketing support
  • Asset management consultation
  • Analyze performance vs. goals
  • Non-prescriptive implementation assistance, jointly work to optimize experience