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Cellar-grade temperatures upon arrival

Premium wine deserves premium packaging. From overcoming disruptive weather holds to eliminating overbearing packaging waste, temperature protective, sustainable Liviri containers are purpose-built for a new era of excellence in DtC wine shipping.

  • 5+ days of thermal protection ensures wine arrives at cellar temperature
  • Level-load operations by shipping wine year-round
  • Increase sales and customer satisfaction by shipping safely in summer and winter
  • Achieve sustainability goals by reducing air shipping and eliminating packaging waste

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Liviri Wins Reusable Packaging Association Award with Alejandro Bulgheroni Wines

Behind every bottle of wine is countless hours of growing, picking, processing and testing, which is why there is no room for error when shipping the end result. Liviri in partnership with Alejandro Bulgheroni Wines received the 2020 Excellence in Reusable Packaging Award for cost savings and environmental impact reductions resulting from the replacement of […]

Liviri Vino Life Cycle Assessment

Liviri Vino engaged leading environmental consultancy thinkstep Inc. to perform the industry-standard study of environmental impact: a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA).

Wine Packaging Case Study

Liviri Vino & Eagle Rock Fulfillment For the more than 1,600 registered wineries occupying prime soil in California’s Napa Valley, fall marks the start of the big show.

Premium wine protection — for 5+ days


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