Insulated Totes for Grocery Pickup Lockers

Save time, money and give customers the convenience of extended pickup hours with reusable totes designed to fit in self-service grocery pickup kiosks, lockers and automated dispense systems. High-performance insulation keeps frozen goods frozen in refrigerated units or fresh and frozen contents in the safe temperature zone for 12+ hours in ambient units.

Spint35, lid half open


  • Insulated, reusable EPP box for 12+ hours of thermal performance
  • Folding lid fits in picking carts, simplifies picking and dispense operations. No need to transfer groceries and label after picking
  • Narrow base designed to fit in select kiosks, lockers and automated dispense systems
  • Compatible with commercially available ice packs or dry ice
  • Securely stacks with common ambient totes, allowing for efficient staging of customer orders for pickup
  • Lightweight, durable design fits in most picking carts
  • Machine washable for easy cleaning and sanitizing
  • Compatible and tested with automated Bell and Howell QuickCollectâ„¢ Solutions
  • Otter Products designed, tested and innovated


  • Weight: 5lbs (1.6kg)
  • Internal volume: 34.7 liters/36.7 quarts
  • External dimensions:
    • 56 in L x 15.75 in W x 10.74 in H
    • 84 cm L x 40.0 cm W x 27.28 cm H
  • Internal dimensions:
    • 14 in L x 12.72 in W x 8.23 in H
    • 70 cm L x 32.31 cm W x 20.9 cm H