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Liviri Shuttle works with national grocers, gourmet food companies and leading produce shippers to provide insulated totes for staging pickup orders and delivering store-to-door. Team up with Liviri Shuttle for the first choice in last-mile solutions.

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Liviri Shuttle fortifies perishable foods in absolute freshness longer than your average box, enabling flexible unattended deliveries and reducing your reliance on refrigerated trucks and refrigerated warehouse space.

Lightweight, durable Shuttle containers deliver over 12 hours of thermal performance. They’re machine washable for quick, consistent cleaning and sanitizing. And custom ice packs that fit horizontally (or vertically) allow you to dial in optimal thermal performance for picking and staging, as well as for the last mile and beyond.

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Cold-Chain Upkeep

Leveraging Liviri Shuttle to optimize the last mile. Apple in hand or savory steak on the plate, the end goal hasn’t changed much. Great food is still great food. It’s the pace and flow of these goods that are undergoing major overhauls. And it’s the consumer who’s driving change.

Dark Store Rising

How Liviri Shuttle helps ecommerce grocers achieve efficiency. In the grocery world, global ecommerce demand is driving revolutionary change. This has, in turn, led to the rise of the dark store — shops pioneered in the UK and Europe solely dedicated to digital orders.

Sustainability In Motion

How reusable cold shipping boxes help the planet breathe easier. Spawned by industrious British fishermen in the late 1790s using natural ice to preserve catches at sea so people could enjoy fresh meals at home, today’s cold chain is the continuation of similar goals, only on a much larger and more complex scale.

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