Building A Better Box

This is where Liviri Fresh makes an impact. By bringing together innovative, mightily protective products and agile, streamlined services we optimize your operations in a way that inspires consumer trust and loyalty. And by prioritizing the people, the businesses and the planet we treasure, we endeavor to bring you the products you need to deliver your best.

Liviri Fresh was born from a simple question. Looking at one of this century’s most transformative movements — the rise of e-delivery — we asked ourselves: how can we use our product know-how to help ensure your business flourishes?

With everything we know today, we believed we could do better. So we developed safer, cleaner and smarter cold-shipping boxes for moving fresh food to your customers.

Backed by a brand with 20+ years of injection-molding expertise, Liviri Fresh is the result of industry thought leaders diving into real-word problems and producing answers.


From blueprinting and testing to piloting and launching innovative new products, Liviri Fresh brings together aerospace-grade insulation and rugged, reusable designs for conquering your e-delivery pain points.

Creating sustainable packaging that syncs with your needs was made possible at Otter Products’ Fort Collins, Colorado-based testing lab, where its Product Innovation Team played a critical role in both the final validation testing and the R&D stages that led to the final product.

“Protective solutions are what we started with as a company,” says Otter Products Senior Mechanical Engineer Jon Guerdrum. “And our understanding of the interplay between plastics and thermal stability, blending that know-how together, has given us the ability to create a great solution for the e-delivery market.”

Injection molding core competencies also came into use. Learnings from the OtterBox Venture Series of groundbreaking outdoor coolers, specifically around plastics and tooling engineering, were integral to the Liviri Fresh design.

“We’re known for producing robust, durable products,” Guerdrum continues. Liviri Fresh comes from the same DNA. “It can be shipped through aggressive situations, and it can be used over and over again, so products arrive intact, even though the box may get beat up along the way.”

Known as “The Pit”, Otter Products’ state-of-the-art prototyping facility is a good place to test a box’s mettle. It houses thermal chambers, drop and shock units, as well as abrasion and chemical testing equipment. This advanced simulation machinery allowed the Innovation Team to run Liviri Fresh through the kinds of real-world abuses it might endure while in transit, as well as the kinds of next-level assaults it hopefully doesn’t.

“We took temperature profiles from around the country, from super-hot summers to Arctic- cold winters,” Guerdrum says. “And we experimented with everything from boxes baking in the sun on doorsteps to containers sitting in the back of extremely hot trucks. We really tried to cover as many potential situations as we could think of.”

In addition to testing for thermal performance, Liviri Fresh has been run through simulated distribution center and conveyor system perils. It’s been dropped off table tops and chucked off truck tailgates. And through it all, what’s emerged is a cold shipping container that’s as smart as it is strong.

“We wanted to make sure Liviri Fresh was good for a minimum of two years and at least 75 shipping cycles,” Guerdrum says. “It’s met our expectations, and it’s exceeded International Safe Transit Association [ISTA] standards. We’re very happy, using the prior knowledge we have with polymer boxes, that it was able to withstand pretty much everything we threw at it.”


Back to the question that started it all: how can we help you?

When you partner with Liviri Fresh, you’re getting a fully vetted cold shipping container from a team that specializes in bringing tenacious, trusted products to market. That means you can ship efficiently and effectively knowing that the quality of what’s packed inside is protected to the highest standards.

From your business to their doorsteps, Liviri Fresh inspires confidence. More than that, it keeps happy customers hungry for more.

LIVIRI — Reimagine the Box

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