Case Study: Beverage Delivery Provider

Company Profile:

Leading US provider of great tasting, affordable cold-pressed juice for healthy, happy living. Subscription-based service model.

Pilot Parameters:

Three-month pilot study targeting consumers across the country — East Coast, Midwest and West Coast.

Trial Objectives:

Test Liviri Fresh reusable, cold-keeping solutions with eco-conscious consumers / juice subscribers. Evaluate consumer connection to Liviri Fresh. Assess product’s potential to bolster subscriber retention.

Consumer Findings:

  • 81% said using Liviri Fresh would make them more likely to recommend Juice In The Box to friends
  • 76% said they would pay more to use Liviri Fresh, an average of $6.63 more per order
  • 71% said they would become more frequent customers because of Liviri Fresh

Key Learnings:

  • Consumers loved the simplicity and environmental benefit of a reusable solution, and they also liked the experience of their juice arriving chilled
  • Pack-out process worked fine operationally — no more difficult than current
  • Liviri Fresh thermal performance a significant improvement over company’s current insulation — enabling it to move from costly overnight shipping to more affordable 2- to 3-day shipping

“I felt like I was in a sci-fi film. It was remarkable that everything stayed so chilled, and the first juice I broke into was pure bliss.”
— Fresh juice customer